On the back of the main bench are mounted two grinders. At the left is a shopmade 9" disk grinder, used primarily for bolsters and for flattening handle material. At right, a KMG1 2" x72" belt grinder.

Handle Material

This rack contains a vast assortment of handle materials from many sources, and most of it is covered in a layer of fine black dust from the grinder. Included are bones from giraffes, camels, sea cows, and cattle; antler and horn, Micarta in a number of sizes and colors, various stabilized woods, and other oddments. Ivories and shell handle materials are stored in the drawers on top of the shelving unit.


Another shelving unit holds steel bar stock, as well as Damascus billets, Mokume, pin and bolster material, and other essentials.

Metal-cutting Bandsaw

This machine replaced an inexpensive import whose blade didn't like to stay on the wheel. Used primarily for cutting bar stock to length, it is also very handy for cutting mother of pearl because of its fine teeth and slow speed.

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