If you enjoy an occasional game of Texas Hold-em, you will recognize the need for a poker card guard. The Poker Puck© by Don Cowles is an elegant little piece that serves the purpose admirably.

It will keep your pocket cards from being accidentally mucked or exposed. This puck is hand-crafted of Desert Ironwood, and inlaid with mother-of -pearl, abalone, and 14K gold. Each puck is heavily weighted to stay put, and the bottom is padded with goatskin.

You can click on the thumbnails below to see full sizes photos.

  • Ironwood with ruby- $40 plus $5 S/H
  • Ironwood with ruby and full inlays (as shown above)- $95 plus $5 S/H
  • Ironwood with ruby and $5 gold piece (1/10 oz.)- $100 and the market price of the gold piece, plus $5 S/H

  • Wooly mammoth bark ivory chunk with ruby- $95 plus $5 S/H

  • Oosik chunk with ruby- $95 plus $5 S/H

  • Fossil walrus ivory slab with ruby- $125 plus $5 S/H

Please call or email for availability.

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