Don Cowles
Straight Pocket Knife Carry System

"Don Cowles makes those neat little pocket knives that don't fold up. Cool little knives, and a great idea for people who need a knife in their hand and ready to cut NOW! (It never ceases to amaze me why real working cowboys carry slip joint folders stuffed way down into their tight blue jeans' pocket. When that rope is wrapped around their horse's legs and the calf is running the other way is not the time to try opening a Case trapper with gloves on!) Don makes these nice leather sheaths for his knives with some small pocket clips."

-David Broadwell
Don Cowles has designed his pocket knives to be used and carried. To this end, his sheaths include some features not often found with other knives. The sheath itself (see Figure 1) is equipped with a William Henry pocket clip, and in cases where materials (magnetic blade material; cowhide sheath) permit, a rare earth magnet to help retain the blade.

Figure 1
The clip can be seen at the left of the sheath. The swelling in the leather you see below the clip is the rare earth magnet.

The sheath is designed to carry inside the pocket or waistband. Figure 2 illustrates the knife being carried in a shirt pocket...

Figure 2

…and Figure 3 shows it in a trouser pocket.

Figure 3
The idea is to provide a safe and secure means of carrying the knife, while still keeping it readily accessible for the task at hand. We believe our system accomplishes that mission.

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